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I think the travel bug first bit me in 2011 when I went to Morocco with a State Department Scholarship to study Arabic. The first time I walked through the winding streets of the old medina in Rabat, I felt overwhelmed with the smells, sounds, and colors found all around me. Even though I bought everything I needed and more on that first visit, it became our routine to visit the market every few days during the two months we spent in the city. More than buying, I loved bartering; using my Arabic to wrestle for a better price on an object I didn’t need just for the practice and conversation. It wasn’t the items or the sights that kept me coming back; it was the people.

In that regard, I don’t think I’ve changed much from those days roaming the streets of Rabat. I’m a fan of sitting in coffee shops while traveling, listening to the conversations that people are having around me. Picking up some of the local language and expressions is essential for me to consider a trip successful.

But don’t think I’m only happy traveling! In Guinea, where I teach, I love talking to my students about what they hope to do next year and beyond. I’m constantly reading (check out my goodreads account to see what I’m currently paging through) and listening to podcasts (Hardcore History, The Time Ferris Show, and The Candid Frame are favorites). I take pictures for work and play, and am always looking for another subject. And sometimes I fly planes.

From the small bit of the world that I’ve been able to see, I’m amazed at all the interesting people and stories that exist. While I’m serving with the Peace Corps in Guinea, I hope that I can use this blog to share with you some of the stories and observations from this corner of the world. If you read something that you find interesting, or you just want to share an idea or ask a questions, please reach out and start a conversation!

Colt Bradley leans against the bell tower doorway at NC State
Colt Bradley holds the hand of his neighbor in Mozambique

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Blog author Colt Bradley stands on the wing of a Piper Cherokee 180

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