Is there evil?

Though the official language of Guinea is French, walk down the street of any town and instead you’ll hear Malinke or Susu or any of the other local languages being thrown around. If you ask “Parlez-vous Français?” most people will shake their head non, and will instead (if they speak Malinke) offer some variation of … Read more

Peace Corps’ Third Goal

Peace Corps volunteers and Mozambican nationals meet our third goal by cooking lunch

To help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans. Third goal of the Peace Corps This time 7 years ago I was preparing to leave the US for the summer to study Arabic in Morocco. This wasn’t the first time I had been abroad, but it was the first time … Read more

Two years in a bag (or two)

We received a packing list from the Peace Corps Mozambique country desk a few weeks ago. On this list were a variety of items, such as: Two year supply of deoderant Comfortable t-shirts Rope Non-stick frying pan Shortwave radio A quick google of “Peace Corps Packing List” yields 320,000 results, most blogs of current or … Read more