Is there evil?

Missamana, Guinea Sunset

Though the official language of Guinea is French, walk down the street of any town and instead you’ll hear Malinke or Susu or any of the other local languages being thrown around. If you ask “Parlez-vous Français?” most people will shake their head non, and will instead (if they speak Malinke) offer some variation of … Read more


Path through the Field

Pasear is probably both the word I hear most frequently and also the word I don’t have a specific definition for. Every time I walk outside of the house, Mãe asks me “Vai a pasear?” and like a good filho I respond “Sim!” I’ve said this before going for a run in the morning, before going … Read more


Our days are full. Every morning I wake up at 5:30 to begin preparing breakfast and otherwise get ready for the day. For breakfast, I have papas fritas and salad. I skin potatoes and throw them on the skillet, then skin tomatoes and throw them into a bleach bath to kill bacteria along with onions … Read more

Peace Corps

Peace Corps volunteers and Mozambican nationals meet our third goal by cooking lunch

Since it’s founding on March 1st, 1961, over 225,000 volunteers (One quarter million!!) have served in the Peace Corps. They’ve served in 141 countries all over the world, from Ghana to Iran to Tonga to Armenia. In the Peace Corps founding act, three goals were laid out: To help the people of interested countries in … Read more