Collecting Resources

Fiery Sunrise

We can spend all of our time doing research and collecting resources, but at some point, if we don’t do something with all of that information we are at best a poorly managed museum. Creation happens when we apply an imperfect set of information to a problem and start filling in the blanks. Bridging the … Read more


Path through the Field

Pasear is probably both the word I hear most frequently and also the word I don’t have a specific definition for. Every time I walk outside of the house, Mãe asks me “Vai a pasear?” and like a good filho I respond “Sim!” I’ve said this before going for a run in the morning, before going … Read more


Our days are full. Every morning I wake up at 5:30 to begin preparing breakfast and otherwise get ready for the day. For breakfast, I have papas fritas and salad. I skin potatoes and throw them on the skillet, then skin tomatoes and throw them into a bleach bath to kill bacteria along with onions … Read more

Two years in a bag (or two)

We received a packing list from the Peace Corps Mozambique country desk a few weeks ago. On this list were a variety of items, such as: Two year supply of deoderant Comfortable t-shirts Rope Non-stick frying pan Shortwave radio A quick google of “Peace Corps Packing List” yields 320,000 results, most blogs of current or … Read more