Pasear is probably both the word I hear most frequently and also the word I don't have a specific definition for. Every time I walk outside of the house, Mãe asks me "Vai a pasear?" and like a good filho I respond "Sim!"

I've said this before going for a run in the morning, before going to share notes with a friend, before walking around Namaacha and exploring, and before going to a bar. I've heard mães complain that their filhos pasear too much or that they need to get out and pasear a bit. Once, I left at 11 telling mãe that I was going on a small pasear and didn't come back until 5 that evening. And that's completely normal.

Literally, it means "to take a walk" but the connotation is so much more. Continuing on the theme of how Mozambican's spend time, it's about relaxation and enjoying your time. The focus isn't on productivity or checking off items on a to do list. After 16 years of education, that's pretty refreshing.



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