We received a packing list from the Peace Corps Mozambique country desk a few weeks ago. On this list were a variety of items, such as:

  • Two year supply of deoderant
  • Comfortable t-shirts
  • Rope
  • Non-stick frying pan
  • Shortwave radio

A quick google of "Peace Corps Packing List" yields 320,000 results, most blogs of current or past PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteer) detailing what they brought or decided to leave behind. It's a mixed bag. Some items essential to a few volunteers are definite "leave at home" items. Some blogs suggest leaving behind electronics and others say bring all your cameras, computers, and phones. There was too much information to realistically use any of these packing lists.

The one thing consistently in all the blogs? "I packed too much." It comes down to this: 27 months isn't some trip, it's moving. I'm going to be living in another part of the world where millions of people live their entire lives. Packing isn't about bringing everything I need, it's about bringing a few things to get setup. And approaching packing like that takes off a lot of stress.





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